Want A Steady Writing Project? (Atherton, CA)

Company Name:
We are looking for 5 to 7 motivated writers in most fields for ongoing work writing reviews. This position requires extremely motivated people that can function within tight deadlines and under their own supervision. We desire you to write reviews on websites.
We desire one to review our partners and customers websites, and ensure their process works smoothly for his or her potential customers and users. We may require you to find bugs and/or errors that happen during the process of consumers going through their websites, and write an evaluation into it. No experience is needed although the much better a writer you are, the greater you are likely to earn.
To become accepted, we desire you to write a test review according to whatever you discover. Following successfully submitting your details there, you may be prompted to submit your resume or CV to us.
Since we do not like to be spammed with fake resumes or spyware on right here, we require you to submit the application as a client service review, and after that upload your resume.
Your earnings is going to be generous, based on your experience and writing ability, so we provides the maximum amount of function as possible handle. By doing 2 things, go to the link below and show us you're a good website reviewer and good at following instructions:
1 Test our customer sites and check for errors or NOTE all problems in clear detail IF ANY!
2 Report the issue (if any) you found in step 1 above, AND prepare to upload your resume later.
Visit this link to start: --->>> http://websitereviews.gigmarketer.com/bpbo/
Steve S. Maynard
Human Resources Administration

Don't Be Fooled

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